Satellite events

There are several satellite events to the CinC conference, which can be found below.

ECGI meetings by Consortium for ECG imaging (CEI)

Meetings of the CEI are open to everyone (no registration required) and are aimed at fostering collaborations in the field of ECG imaging. This includes the following meetings:

Sunday morning kick-off meeting

Sunday 23 September, 10am – 1pm; before the CinC Sunday Symposium

We encourage participants of this CEI meeting to find common challenges, share data, and start collaborations in the field of electrocardiographic imaging (ECGI). We come together on Sunday morning to discuss running projects, challenges and ideas. Both long-time collaborators and young scientists with new ideas are welcome to join this kickoff and discuss common interests that can be explored further during the remainder of CinC. Teams typically form organically during the kick-off meeting and organize new, informal meetings during the rest of the conference.
Contact: Matthijs Cluitmans ( on behalf of the CEI.
Location: Maastricht UMC+, room A3/B3 (level 3, see map), next to the CinC Sunday Symposium.

Continued collaboration opportunity during CinC

Every conference day, Monday 24 September – Wednesday 26 September

This room close to the CinC conference venue is open to everybody who wants to collaborate in the ECGI field. There are no structured sessions, but participants of the Sunday morning kick-off meeting are encouraged to form subgroups on specific topics and use this room for collaborative meetings during the CinC conference.
Contact: Matthijs Cluitmans ( on behalf of the CEI.
Location: Maastricht UMC+, open working space at the “terras” at floor 4, close to the CinC conference venue (few minutes walking).

Wednesday afternoon closing meeting

Directly after CinC closing session on Wednesday 26 September, 5-6pm

After the kick-off meeting on Sunday, we hope participants continue to discuss running projects or start up new efforts during the conference. On Wednesday afternoon, after the CinC closing session, we will come together and discuss what was achieved and how the participants want to continue to work on their existing or newly started projects. Ultimately, we hope that the efforts of this satellite event result in increased collaboration in the ECGI field and new publications.
Contact: Matthijs Cluitmans ( on behalf of the CEI.
Location: Maastricht UMC+, room B3, close to the CinC conference venue (few minutes walking).


Non-CEI satellite meetings

The following non-CEI meeting is also open to everyone although registration is required.

Frontiers in Computational Electrocardiology 2018 (FiCE18): From bits and pixels towards patients

Thursday 27 September, morning workshop

During the FiCE workshop, we will discuss the integration of imaging modalities for cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis and therapy, and the personalization of computational modeling through imaging.

Time: Thursday morning (after CinC), 27 September 2018
Venue: Greepzaal at the Maastricht University Medical Centre (close to Maastricht University and CinC conference venue)
Target audience: Clinicians, engineers and basic scientists (registration for CinC not required!)
Registration (required but free) and program:
Contact: Matthijs Cluitmans and Jordi Heijman on behalf of the Maastricht ECGI (mECGI) team (m.cluitmans@maastrichtuniversity;


Here is a map of the venue and the meeting locations: